Heat Pumps

Turaco Energy was established in 2015 and part of our vision is to service the growing sustainable energy market in South Africa. Our offices are based in Westmead, Durban with distribution outlets and 24-hour servicing agents in all major centres of South Africa.


Our entire product range is manufactured within ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, ensuring consistent and measurable quality standards at all times. 

Our aim of supplying the finest heat pump technology to the South African market lead us to partner with one of the World’s finest manufacturers of this essential technology. Turaco Energy is serviced by one of the world’s largest independent heat pump manufacturers. This exclusive partnership allows us to showcase 8 series ranges comprising more than 90 different products including household and commercial units, swimming pool heat pumps and floor heating.



Our vision is to be recognised as one of South Africa’s foremost quality heat pump solutions and service providers to developers, distributors and resellers


All Turaco Heat Pumps are guaranteed for 2 years against any material, component or manufacturing defects that may arise. We also ensure through our network of servicing agents that 24 hour assistance is always available.

We are confident that our range of products, technical expertise, and country wide backup service of our units allows us to provide adaptive and innovative solutions for our clients.


Heat Pumps